Contract Manufacturing Has Created Precision Products for These End Users:

Airbus (SAS), BEI Motion Systems, Boeing, Bombardier Incorporated, CFM Corporation, Data Products, Datron, Eaton Corporation, Electroimpact, Ford Aerospace, General Dynamics Corporation, General Electric, Goodrich Corporation, Hamilton Standards, Hughes, ITT Canon, J & J Products, JPL/NASA, Kodak Corporation, Litton Encoder, Lockheed Martin, Loral Space and Communications, Monasco, Northrop Grumman, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Pratt and Whitney, Rocketdyne, Raytheon Corporation, TRW, Talley Defense, Textron, Tecom Incorporated, United Technologies Corporation

Precision Work and Experience In These Specialty Categories:

Actuators/Drives and Transmissions

Linear, Circular, Hydraulic, Electro Mechanical, Air, Air Logic

Screw and Nut Assemblies

All Types of Threads

Gears - All Types of Tooth Geometry

Splines, Timing Belt Pulley, Cable Pulley, Special Chain and Sprocket


Ball Screws-Crossovers, Deflector Pickup, Seal Development and Production, Roller Splines, Roller Guides, Air, Spherical, Thrust, Plain, Pillow Block


Space Shuttle Systems, Missile Lift and Stage Integration, Missile Guidance, High Pressure Fuel Valves, Rocket Propulsion Systems


Payload, Packaging, Release

Aircraft Controls and Instrument Systems

Variable Pitch Control for Propeller Attitude, Wing and Flap, Landing Gear, Canopy Deployment Systems, Ejection Seat Technology, Jet Engine Compressor, Turbine Blade Technologies

Tool Making

All Cutting Tools Including Special Taps and Broaches, Jigs, Fixtures, Gages

Mold Making

Blow Mold, Wax Investment, Injection Plastics, Injection Aluminum (A380)


Railroad Switch Box Components, Automotive After market, Oil Tool and Instruments, Machine Building, Medical Parts and Assemblies, Computer Parts, Special OEM Components

Nearly every part in this satellite payload

is an example of Contract Manufacturing's

Support, Workmanship and Experience

Some of our company's experience is derived from being involved in manufacturing original or replacement parts for the following major programs:

Space Shuttle

Boeing 727

Boeing 707



Aegis Ballistic

Missile Defense






A BGM-109


Cruise Missile