Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

These are some examples of the part geometries and material varieties of which we have fabricated.

We Have Experience in Machining the Following Materials:

  *Standard grade steels ranging from the 1000 series; 1100; 1200; and 1500 

series designations. Some recognizable grades are: 1018, 1020, 1045, 1144, 12L14, and 1552.

*Standard alloy steels ranging from the mid 1300's to 8620. Some recognizable grades are: 1345, 4047, 4130, 4140, 4142, 4340, E4340, E52100, 6150, and 8620.

*Standard alloy H-steels (controlled hardenability) ranging in the same numbering list, including up to 9310H.

*We have tool making experience using AISI material classifications in the following fields: W, S, O, A, D, P, H, T, and M. In particular: W2, S5, S7, O1, O2, A2, D2, P2, P20, H13, T15, M2, M42, Stentor, and Graph-mo tm.

*Austenitic stainless steels including: [AISI] 302, 303, 303se, 303su, 304, 304L, 308, 316, 316L, 321, and 347.

*Ferritic stainless steels including: [AISI] 430, 436, and 442.

*Martinsitic stainless steels including: [AISI] 410, 416, 431, 440B, and 440C.

*Precipitating-hardening stainless steels such as: UNS S17400(17-4PH), UNS S15500(PH15-5MO), UNS S35500(AM-355), and the very tough UNS K66286(A286).

*Most Aluminum grades (including cast): 1100, 1200, 2011, 2024, 3003, A360, 5052, 6061, and 7075.

*Magnesium..Titanium: Ti-6Al-45 and Ti-Al-4V. Tungsten. Nickel and Silver alloys. Inconel 625 and Inconel 718.

*Monel R-405. Several copper and brass, including bronze alloys.

*Plastics: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS), Acetal/Delrin tm., Acrylic, Bakelite, Nylon/Nylatron tm., Polycarbonate(PC)/Lexan tm., Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC), High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE), Teflon, Polyetherimide(PEI)/ULTEM tm.

*Machinable ceramics, phenolics(PF) paper and fabric including G-10 glass fiber, and carbon graphite.

See some examples: