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Contract Manufacturing, Inc.

571 Searls Avenue Suite D

Nevada City, California 95959


Phone: 530.265.0245


Allow us to introduce ourselves and our services to you. We have been involved in manufacturing machined parts for more than thirty five years. We provide precision detail parts for assemblies, fabricated to customer specification. This includes all common machined hardware processing. We are available for consultation with regard to all aspects of machined hardware processing, from raw material procurement through special process finishing. As a contract manufacturer, we can provide all necessary oversight required to realize your end product, including inspection, 

documentation, and packaging for shipment or stocking. We accomplish this through the implementation of quality control as prescribed by AS9100. We have adopted said program to ensure the finest quality and accountability to you, the customer as well as the end user. Although we are primarily a focused fabricator of hardware to specific customer purchase order requirements, we are, by drawing on our accumulated experience, able to provide practical research and development, prototype solutions and support. Our service also includes development of the necessary documentation your product engineering staff may require.

The scope of our training in this industry will benefit the implementation of a large spectrum of manufacturing requirements. We have a foundation in production operations and R&D which were received at a leading U.S. tool and gage manufacturer. The training and exposure to methods received there imparted a far greater knowledge to our staff than any journeyman or master machinist program would have been able to provide. The benefit to our customers is that we possess skills derived from a solid background in the manufacturing of gages and tooling, the standard bearer of measurement in its most precise form. We are able to approach all manufacturing projects

with this same level of precision and understanding; therefore, providing the ultimate in pride of workmanship available for your product. Please contact Contract Manufacturing soon for a comprehensive quote or estimate.